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I attended an online seminar today given by Macromedia on the current research in Digital Communication in education. The list of buzzwords are multimodal, creative and interpretive fluency, new technology grammar, interactivity, and the media-emotion connection. The research suggests that flat web-based learning, which is mostly reading text on a screen, is not highly valued by students of the net generation. Maybe it’s no surprise that non-traditional students value it more highly, either because it is most like a traditional text or because they don’t require the type of stimulation in order to be motivated that interactive sites offer.

So, how prepared are you to develop rich media content and to use m-learning (the new name for mobile e-learning)?

[I made the title (above) a link to the archived seminar. Let me point out that the chat feature of the seminar is not helpful. When you have 175 participants, chat should not be an option.]


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