Blogs Integrated as Classroom Technology

You are viewing a blog at this precise moment, but really, what is a blog? It is a web publishing “tool” that allows individuals to publish text, art, links to other blogs easily and efficiently. They are very similar to Webpages, but are also similar to a diary or journal. Individuals post their thoughts, ideas, and comments on related issues. Blogs are easy to use and have been found to be very user-friendly. They require minimal technological knowledge and are quick and efficient.

What are the educational benefits of blogs? As well as providing teachers with another way of communicating with students via the web it allows opportunities for students to read and write, good ways of incorporating forums, collaboration, and discussion and it has the potential of enabling individuals in a class to help one another with the material. In Teaching Today, there is a list of how using blogs in the classroom can be very efficient. There are 4 basic functions that a blog can have, as mentioned in the article:

1-Classroom management
4-Student Portfolios

Using a new and modern way of incorporating technology in the class room will spark the students’ interest and allow for them to be creative in their way of learning.


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