Web Porfolios

How difficult is it for students to track their writing in their college careers? How many students ever recover their portfolios after the term is done? How many portfolios are lying around in your office and creating a sea of portfolios? How can you get rid of this problem? Simple, create a web based portfolio. Not only will it be simpler for you as a teacher to keep track of all the portfolios, but also it will allow students to track their writing and portfolios throughout their education. Both students and teachers can benefit from creating a web based portfolio. Janice McIntire-Strasburg, from Saint Louis University has created an essay on this subject and has come up with

· background
· terms
· webbing
· samples
· possibilities

These explain why web based writing assessments and portfolios are helpful. This is the new way of tracking student work and for students to monitor their writing and their achievements over a 4 year period. They can also use it to add to resumes or homepages.


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