24/7 campus accessibilty using technology

Trying to crunch everything into five days between 8 am and 5pm can sometimes be difficult. Because of the diverse lifestyles of students and faculty it can be difficult to achieve what needs to be achieved everyday during the hours that a college is “up and running.” President Cary A. Israel of the Collin County Community College District is aware of this problem and he is slowly introducing 24/7 campus availability. By introducing 24/7 access using technology such as virtual learning and the possibility of taking a full load of classes on the weekend, Israel hopes to accommodate the lifestyle of more students and faculty members. He has given a top 10 list of why a campus should have 24/7 access:

10-Students do not stop being students at 5 pm
9-Businesses are looking for retraining opportunities-but not during the business day.
8-Industry and government are seeking training providers with 24/7 technology solutions.
7-The internet is available 24/7; are you?
6-Modern technology infrastructure makes “anytime, anywhere access” easier.
5-a 24/7 technology strategy can maximize the institution’s facilities.
4-There’s a new kind of communication out there.
3-taxpayers and local organizations can take better advantage of college facilities.
2-You won’t to miss full-time exposure on the Web.
1-It’s the student experience that matters.

With the growing technology and possibilities that it brings to our lives, a 24/7 campus using technology could be very helpful to many people. Israel is envisioning a better and more accessible education system that I believe should be taken into consideration.


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