Interactive Classes

You are at the front of the class room discussing a topic that you believe all your students are grasping, you see them looking back at you nodding their heads in agreement. How much of the nodding is actually them understanding what you are talking about and how much of it is them trying to make it seem like they understand. You can ask questions, but can you really force students to answer? Vicky Hallet, Teaching with Tech (US News & World Report), discusses the use of devices in the classroom that look like TV remote controls.

Every student in the class has a device that looks like a TV remote control (CPS), in which they enter the course code to identify themselves to the teacher. The teacher asks a question and gives A and B answers. The students must then think about the question and point the CPS to the front of the classroom where there is a grid of white boxes with the names of every student. The students click on the letter they believe is right and then the white boxes will turn blue according to the answer the students have chosen. The teacher can see which students are paying attention and understand the material.

This is a great way of using technology in the classroom. Not only does it make things more interactive it allows the teachers to really guide their classes based on what the students understand and what they have trouble with. I believe that this would be a very effective way to teach and keep the students interested.


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