those people at MIT are at it again

From the Campus Technology newsletter comes this interpretation of a new device created to assist the autistic in determining social feedback:

MIT Media Labs Device Signals if You Are Being Annoying

MIT’s Media Lab researchers are working on a computer-based prosthetic device that can let you know if you are boring people. The Emotional Social Intelligence Prosthetic Device was developed to help people with autism keep track of how they are being received by those around them. The device was created to help ease the discomfort that autistic people feel when those around them suddenly become annoyed or want to leave. Some people with autism struggle by being unable to pick up signals from people showing boredom or confusion.

The device is a camera, small enough to be attached to a pair of glasses, that is attached to a hand-held computer. The computer runs software that recognizes images and the emotions that those images suggest. In a recent test, the software was demonstrated to show whether a person was agreeing, disagreeing, concentrating, or showing disinterest, from only a few seconds of video footage. When someone you are talking to is acting bored or disinterested, the computer would vibrate, letting the camera-wearer know an emotional change is occurring in the other person.

I wonder what feedback it might record if the wearer is looking out at a class full of students?


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