are we ready for multimedia scholarship?

The title link is to an article (for subscribers) in The Chronicle of HIgher Education, “USC Fellowship Promotes Multimedia Dissertations.”

The article discusses one dissertation where the student found it easier to use “movie stills, posters, and advertisements, for which she will still have to obtain rights,” than to try to get permission to use film clips. Copyright compliance is one of the major challenges in creating such scholarly works, even though many educators may think that the concept of Fair Use would offer protections.

A second article in the same issue, “Digital Dissertation Dust-Up,” looks further into the copyright issues. One scholar raises an interesting question that seems to make sense, but has a disappointing answer: “‘why should you pay copyright fees to cite an image but not a word?'”

As faculty and students think about multimedia work they would like to create, they need to consider the complicated copyright laws that affect them. In the future, will we have to pay to publish? That’s a new and unforeseen take on vanity publishing, isn’t it?


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