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We (Barbara and Sara) are violating our new Friday-morning publishing policy this week to blog from the CIT (Conference on Instructional Technologies) at SUNY Fredonia.

At check in, we received nice messenger bags filled with all kinds of goodies–umbrella, mug, heavy-duty magnetic clip, pen, tablet, etc. The bags are a terrific idea for toting the things you generally pick up at a conference.

The opening welcome in the library was a nice opportunity to chat with new people and have great food and music. We will be keeping secret how many desserts we tried, but we walked it off on a nice, but hot, walk around the campus.

The sessions begin tomorrow, and we will be posting items of interest throughout the conference. There are three technology showcases presented by a horde of vendors that we are looking forward to, as well as the entertaining “I.T. Idol” on Thursday evening, but don’t look for either of us to be singing.

Wish you were here, but we’ll tell you what you’re missing.


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