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The technology showcase at last week’s conference at SUNY Fredonia was dazzling. There was almost too much to see, at least if like me you stopped and talked with the vendors. Of course, I want everything, but I’m trying to think of what our campus can use, as well as what we can afford.

I saw a demonstration of Turnitin, the system that checks students’ papers for plagiarism and returns thorough reports of any plagiarism. That was impressive, just in terms of all the work the system can do that is beyond most faculty members’ time. I think students object to being thought guilty until proven innocent, but if used correctly, it can be a learning experience.

The Smart boards and document cameras were snazzy, but high priced.

Turning Technologies has an interesting product, TurningPoint, which lets you incorporate questions into a PowerPoint that students can respond to with “clickers.” The whole creation process is seamlessly integrated with PowerPoint and would take no time at all to learn. The cost is a little high, unless you have students purchase the clickers. That would be feasible if they were used in a number of classes. PowerPoint is one technology used quite extensively, so this technology might be a good idea to look into.

I’m still mulling over the technology and the sessions and will report more next week. I definitely want an iPod, though. Did you know there’s a little attachment that lets you record? You could set it on your desk and record a lecture, then turn it into a podcast! I definitely want one of those.

P.S. I took the photo with my cell phone.


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