Top Ten IT Issues–Educause Review

The Educause Review lists the “Top Ten IT Issues, 2006” as the following:

1. Security and Identity Management
2. Funding IT
3. Administrative/ERP/Information Systems
4. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity5. Faculty Development, Support, and Training
6. Infrastructure
7. Strategic Planning
8. Governance, Organization, and Leadership
9. E-Learning/Distributed Teaching and Learning
10. Web Systems and Services

Generally, this blog is concerned with numbers 5 and 9, Faculty Development and E-Learning, although it’s clear as you pause on each item that they are all contingent on each other.

The research that produced this list cites “the pace of change in the development of collaboration tools, interest in individualized computing experiences such as ‘personal broadcasting,’ and the impact of mobile computing technology on potential delivery methods” as conditions that require dedicated support and training services for faculty. New technologies for delivering content or providing new methods of student collaboration seem to appear daily, and faculty need reliable backup.

We are becoming increasingly committed to e-learning, and will have to consider, for example, how such programs will influence traditional classroom offerings. Will we have students in the near future who live on campus, but only take a portion of their classes in the classroom? What would that mean for the future of your student body? How will we develop consistent and complementary policies that ensure across the board quality? The article has few answers and many more questions on the topic, evidence of the rapid changes in e-learning.

Maybe these 10 wouldn’t necessarily be your top 10. Maybe your priorities would be different. What would you say are your top 5 IT issues?


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