why is this post late?

I thought my life was flashing before my eyes when I started reading the Campus Technology article, “Presentation & Display: The Challenge of Next-Generation.”

  • First, there was the campus guest trying to plug her laptop into the podium, only to find that the podium’s VGA cable did not match her newer DVI port.
  • Then there was the guy at a meeting who could transmit his laptop’s image to other members, but couldn’t see it himself on the podium monitor, because it wouldn’t accept his widescreen image.
  • Finally, there was the poor presenter who was either blinded by the projector light or in such dim light that he couldn’t see or be seen.

Geez, I could hardly read on. What was that song? “Killing Me Softly With His Song”? This article has me written all over it, although it’s not really about technology gone wrong. It’s about the speed of technology upgrades and the difficulty of keeping up, if you decide it’s worth your time and money. If you are primarily, technologically speaking, a presentation & display school, how should you determine what and when to buy/replace? That’s the balancing act we try to perform, keeping everyone up to date, but not needlessly out of date.

It was a hectic morning, but not because of the podiums, today, in fact, we could hardly get out of the office to see the sunlight. So, here we are with our Friday post, a little worse for wear, but ready to be energized for Monday morning.


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