Electronic Portfolio Clearing House

The American Association for Higher Education (AAHE) Electronic Portfolio Clearing House is a good resource if we are considering moving in the direction of using e-portfolios for institutional, program, and course assessment in the future.

The list of institutions with e-portfolio programs is impressive, and it points up the need for a commitment to the supporting technology and the people who would create and maintain it.

Clicking on some of the program links takes you to the site of a software company; for example, the iWebfolio at Mercy College link goes to Nuventive.com. Other links take you to an institution’s internal developer, like WebPortfolio at U Wisconsin–Eau Claire.

In the right hand column of the list is a link to the Program Profile, where you can learn, for example, that Mercy College began its program in 2003, that it had a Title V Grant, and that its pilot program targeted 200 students.

I think it’s a good place to start to get some ideas and also some contacts. I would recommend looking at some samples of e-portfolios with an eye to how much easier it would be to distribute and evaluate them than paper portfolios.


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