is your Blackboard course exemplary?

Blackboard has an interesting Greenhouse Exemplary Course Program that promotes and recognizes Blackboard sites that exhibit excellence based on sound pedagogical principles. You can submit your own course site for consideration–it doesn’t have to be an online course, although it could be. What are some of the advantages of going through the submission process?

  • the Submission and Instruction form that you download from the program site is actually the rubric by which course sites are evaluated. Working though the rubric is a good exercise in evaluating the pedagogical soundness of your course.
  • you will receive excellent feedback about the design and implementation of your site even if yours is not an award winner.
  • the rubric can help you in the early stages of designing a course, not just as a post-design checklist. You might want to download the rubric and consider designing a course site to submit next year. The rubric evaluates courses on the following areas:
    • course design
    • interaction and collaboration
    • assessment and feedback
    • learner support

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