top 10 forecasts 2007

Was just looking at the Top Ten Forecasts for 2007 from the World Future Society’s Outlook Report. They aren’t all about technology directly, but technology certainly figures in the scenarios:

1. Generation Y will migrate heavily overseas.

2. Dwindling supplies of water in China will impact the global economy.

3. Workers will increasingly choose more time over more money.

4. Outlook for Asia: China for the short term, India for the long term.

5. Children’s “nature deficit disorder” will grow as a health threat.

6. We’ll incorporate wireless technology into our thought processing by 2030.

7. The robotic workforce will change how bosses value employees.

8. The costs of global-warming-related disasters will reach $150 billion per year.

9. Companies will see the age range of their workers span four generations.

10. A rise of disabled Americans will strain public transportation systems.

An interesting list. They have another list of the Forecasts for the Next 25 Years that includes this interesting situation:

Forecast #4: Schools based on classrooms and a human teacher will dwindle over the next 25 years. Why sit in a classroom when you can visit virtual worlds and experience your subjects? An ‘avatar,’ a personalized interactive guide, will answer all of your questions and help you pose new ones.”

I know some of you don’t really believe it; I know you think technology will never break the mold of the sage professor lecturing a room full of seated students. I guess we’ll see, but are we prepared for change or will we keep playing fall behind, catch up?


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