Love for Technology

It is difficult to conceive the amount of power I have gained in the last 2 years. I mention power because that is the feeling I get around technology. The fear of growing technology is no longer present, it brings me excitement and curiosity. The endless opportunities that technology can create for an individual has never been so apparent to me until these 2 years with the CIT. Whether it be creating a webpage, making a podcast, sharing files, making movies, working on photos etc… technology always has something new and exciting to introduce. Technology has opened my eyes to our changing world, but also has opened my eyes to the resistance to this ever changing culture.

Although technology can be frustrating at times, it allows for interaction that would otherwise not be available without it, it allows creations that would not be doable without it, it allows for better and efficient teaching and above all it provides individuals with the ability to communicate.

I have loved my experience with technology, I feel more comfortable entering the workforce and am looking forward to learning more about technology.

[Thanks, Sara, we’ll miss you.]


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