do I want to podcast? where and how?

Before I lose you, here’s an idea for incorporating a podcast into your course material–it’s something I want to try out, but feel free to beat me to the punch.

I think it would be terrific to use audio podcasts to pose those questions we all put on our Blackboard discussion boards. I think it would be a more personal way of communicating outside the classroom for students to hear you voicing a question, and by using emphasis where needed, you could clear up misreadings of the question. I would still include the text of the question as backup, but think students would like the voice.

In the discussion board, your file wouldn’t be a link, but would be the actual sound file ready to play. The only drawback is that you have to put such media files in Threads instead of Forums. So you could create a Forum–mine might be Drama–and then create the first thread, The Stranger, for example. Students would respond to the thread, and I would create another thread for each work we discuss. [I hope Bb creates more options at the Forum level soon.]

You might even get audio responses from some students.

This morning I listened to a presentation on “Podcasting Xtreme” from the Blackboard Bravo theme on podcasting,a list of recorded webinars/files on podcasting. It can get you started with a demonstration using the free software Audacity (for Windows, Vista, or Mac).

Where would you use a podcast, either audio or video?


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  1. This will not work with Kurzwiel but I just found this on the SLED list… I don’t know if you read it or not but I’ll pass it on.


  2. But if the instructor includes the written text of the question as well as the audio file, wouldn’t that be able to be read?


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