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This is definitely not Friday morning, because I recognize the feeling of a Monday. Guess I missed the agreed upon posting appointment.

Anyway, I want to talk about what a drag it is to have to endure system-wide software upgrades that bring about significant changes and require new behaviors. What else could I be talking about but Microsoft’s double whammy of Vista and Office 2007?

I switched over to both on one computer this summer to get a head start. What a learning curve!

First, let me remind you that I am a Mac person. That said, I have become accustomed to Windows XP over the last two years, learning where most files are. Now, little is where I thought it would be, or maybe the windows just operate so differently that I am trying to use old skills in a new environment. And please don’t tell me that Vista is Mac-like. Not. Different, but not Mac-like.

Here’s one peeve:

I liked on XP that when you chose to “copy” a file in your Documents, a nice little window would pop up, allowing you to choose where to copy it to. No more. Right-click on the file and choose copy and nothing happens. You have to go to the folder space where you want to copy it, right-click in the space and choose paste.

And if you think Vista will be a challenge, just wait until you see the new interface in Office 2007. Brave New World kind of changes there. It took me literally half a day to figure out how to print a document. And don’t even get me started on the new .docx file type.

What’s probably worse is that we’ll all be on different pages for a while. New students have come in with all the new applications, some faculty will have it on new computer leases, some of us will switch to one of the new apps before the other, some will switch to both together.

Did I say I was changing my number to unlisted?


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  1. I am still adjusting to Vista. I used to be able to give someone step by step instructions from my head on most common functions and features, in XP. Now, I need to relearn that.

    I wish Dell would of not supported it so quickly. Most OS’s take at least six months to work out kinks. They should known that. However, if it does not effect the sales they do not care. Sell it and fix it model. Gotta love it.

    I need to check how the .docx file type functions in Open Office. I recommend that for small businesses and people who do not want to pay 200 bucks for the office suite.


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