I’m a Yalie, you’re a Yalie

Wow, you got my attention, Yale.

Yale has put 7 free courses online–complete courses. You don’t need to enroll, but, then again, you can’t talk to the faculty, so there’s a trade-off. Still, this is a great idea and opportunity, and a good example of using technology to serve society.

The departments participating are these:

Religious Studies

Hmm. Since they are all introductory courses, and since I’ve taken many, many courses, I think I’m up for Physics, a subject I always wanted to know more about. I’ll let you know what I discover.


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  1. What I’ve discovered is that I never took calculus. The concepts are interesting, but I think I will miss a lot. Never took trig, either. Stopped at algebra and geometry.


  2. Apparently, math can explain everything. Do we tell children that in the early grades? Wouldn’t more of us continue in math and maybe to physics if we thought of math as something as good as magic and at the same time as being able to explain what seems like magic?


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