what principles drive your use of technology?

Having been an assistant professor or instructor for many years before moving into instructional technology, I am guided by the same principles that guided my instructional pedagogy in the classroom. Here’s what motivated my technology-enabled teaching projects:

  • understanding that my role as guide or facilitator would redirect the center of the class toward students
  • wanting to shift the work responsibility and choices of action to students through collaborative design
  • appreciating the power of ownership students could achieve in their work
  • incorporating moments for reflection and feedback
  • getting students out of their comfort zones–which is generally the tired research essay
  • providing new tools and situations in which students could apply knowledge
  • providing projects that were directed at real audiences of readers or users
  • respecting and valuing students’ self-evaluation

This is not a new revelation to me, and perhaps not to you; I just wanted to state it. By pigeon-holing instructional technology off in some corner as an unnecessary bells-and-whistles office, institutions stifle innovative pedagogy.

What I hope you see in this list is that we all have the same goals in education, whether teaching face-to-face or online, whether we use technology in the classroom, or out of the classroom, or not at all.


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