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Saw this terrific modular teaching page: http://www.pageflakes.com/markcmarino/23536077

You can create your own: http://www.pageflakes.com/

Who needs Sharepoint or Dreamweaver? The content-creating phenomenon has been moving away from expensive software for a while, and I can hardly keep up with it. It’s Tom Friedman’s flat world for sure–focus on the user. It’s the Time person of the year–you (from 2006). So, it’s no surprise that Blackboard is moving to a kind-of modular system in its Project NG, but can any huge organization really keep up with the rapid development of web-based tools for the masses?

What is going to be the place for high-end software in the future? It used to be the tool of professionals only and probably will continue as such, except now, who cares? If we can create with easy to use tools and share them with our students, isn’t that what will matter in education?


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