FINALLY! a good presentation tool

I’m not sure I should post when I’m speechless. What’s the emoticon for wide-eyed wonder?

I just made my first Prezi, a sort of one-slide presentation where you have the whole presentation laid out as if on the dining room table, and you zoom in and out to your presentation topics. You can set up a path to follow using arrows, which I think is a good idea, even though you can diverge from that path at any time and return to it. The design possibilties are staggering and the interest of such a presentation will trump any PowerPoint. Go here and view the demos at the bottom of the page to be, pardon my 60s lingo, blown away! Here’s an image of my first Prezi, which, although it lacks enough media interest, inspired me to think in different terms about importance of idea, sequence, visual opportunities.

Update: I fixed the actual Prezi to have a path that allows you to use the arrows to click through the presentation, although you can use the spacebar at any time to back out or you can click on any item to view it. I also noticed that I had put in a questionable photo–ooops, where did I get that?–so I put in another.

I’ve been reading slide:ology and trying to keep good design ideas in mind for presentations, and I think they would work as well on this one-slide model–maybe better.

I’m psyched! because I was afraid the death of presentations was at hand (and perhaps should have been). Now there’s hope for engaging your audience and changing the way you think about your presentation as you create it.


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  1. I like it! But without any audio it can’t stand alone


  2. Oh, I don’t think it’s meant to stand alone. It is a substitute for a PowerPoint or slideshow presentation and you would use it as the background for your spoken presentation. In that sense, I think it would be more engaging for the audience than waiting for the next predictable slide. It might encourage the concept of linking ideas in a pattern, for example. Like all presentation technologies, I think the composer learns the most by creating, but I still think the audience would be engaged.

    This one is relatively small. the field could contain separate sections for multiple speakers to use in one presentation, and I didn’t make use of tiny text that is barely visible in the overview that you can zoom in on. It has many more possibilities–maybe sound files will be one of them.


  3. I like this idea. I’ve shared the link to Prezi with our graduate students and faculty. Some are showing interest. It’s just nice to have something different and interactive.


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