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This blog is about to be teamed. I’ve been working on this blog for almost four years, and now that I’m part of an AEC team, I think it’s time to get social and share the writing with my counterparts (as we like to refer to ourselves) at the West and Metro campuses.

Will it be hard to let go of the controls, so to speak? Yes. I’ll admit to thinking of this blog as my space, and I have put a lot of work into the writing–trying to vary the content, researching topics, creating an appropriate tone of writing that is both informative and playful. And maybe what doesn’t show is all the thinking behind the writing. I have tried to address a real audience of faculty, assuming that I have readers, even if they are not commenting, which brings me to my philosophy of blogging.

I know I’ve said it before on this blog, but blogs are not discussion boards. Yes, there are times on professional blogs when a great thread of comments becomes a valuable discussion, but that is more rare than typical. Blogs are spaces for publishing on the Web; some bloggers write news-length posts, some write long posts that approach short article length, some write actual scholarly articles broken up into a series of posts. My point is that bloggers write for audiences, regardless of whether the audience responds in a comment. In fact, in my case, I hope that my Tri-C audience responds by dropping in the AEC for a f2f discussion.

So what will happen in a team-driven blog? Generally, members agree to a set of goals and approaches that maintain an identity that represents the overall purpose. On the other hand, team blogs create a situation in which team members develop their own identity through their writing styles and their choices of topics. I hope our personalities show through in our posts and that you look forward to that variety.

So, in the spirit of this new move forward, I have moved all my posts to this new blog on WordPress. Nothing against Blogger, where I still keep my Second Life blog, just a fresh start.



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