“Social Media in Film Class”

Twitter Film Festival in Duke Film Studies Class from Jeff Cohen on Vimeo.

Hear about a class project that utilizes Twitter for student commentary on films.

The original post and video is here: http://digitalpapercuts.com/video/social-media-in-film-class/

You can read about the project in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus.

A lot of people, recently, are making fun of Twitter or dismissing it very angrily, but any sort of new tool is apt to meet with derision until we see some innovative uses and are inspired to use it ourselves. Any sort of situation that asks students for commentary and discussion could make use of Twitter. Or have you ever required students to attend college presentations by visiting speakers or campus performances? Why not ask them to Twitter about it as they are hearing/seeing it, instead of asking for a report?

What else can you think of?

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