will everything become a game? then what?

See the video on TED Talks here: http://www.ted.com/talks/jesse_schell_when_games_invade_real_life.html


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  1. Well, I guess we’ll be collecting points and trying to attain higher levels.


  2. In the games I play now…. I honestly do not care much for points. I don’t know much of a value of it.

    It does remind me of a web cartoon. It is on a website called ill will press. It is not safe for and should not be viewed by children. But the cartoon is called achievements.
    The lovable but grumpy squirrel named Foamy rants. He describes how people act under achievement systems. Also, how those systems distract from the causal fun and social interactions of games. How people overreact attempting to acquire something that has no real value.
    I have been studying token systems often. It is a major idea with in special education. The cartoon and this video really make me want to reevaluate the values of these systems to students.


  3. Well, I am not a gamer, mostly because I do not like role play, but in Farmville (I know that’s not much of a game) I do like achieving higher levels.

    I tried one game a few years ago–can’t remember what it was–but I was instantly killed by someone and didn’t know how to become undead. I really just wanted to wander around, but was forced to “play.”


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