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As illustrated in ReadWriteWeb’s announcement, Facebook has slid into its Pages category a bunch of (what they call) Community pages, created by aggregating user interests and likes, thrown in with a little Wikipedia text on the subject. Weird? Yes. OK? I guess, but lots of them are competing with intentionally-created pages, and I see confusion and misrepresentation down the line.

Take for example the official Cuyahoga Community College page (with the official logo). Originally one of the Fan pages, fans had to “become a fan” intentionally. They currently have 1,577 fans (now just people who like the page).

Below is a Cuyahoga CC Community page with 17 FB users who have been linked to it, by who knows what method. The page even asks you to suggest the Official Site URL, which I guess means the Tri-C website, but why are they competing with our Official page? What are people going to post on these community pages about Tri-C that might be negative and false?

I have been offering advice to both faculty and the business community in social networking workshops to create official public profiles using FB pages, but I think I’m going to retreat from that position until this page confusion becomes more clear. What if you have a local business page, and a community page pops up that misrepresents you and detracts from your business? Not sure why Facebook is clamoring to be the Blackboard of social networking (ubiquitous and hated*), but it sure seems like where it’s headed.

I hate to even mention that the AECs have a page, lest a community version shows up.

*not me, I like Blackboard, but there is much dislike in the educational community because of its recent patent litigation


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