common sense knocking

Sometimes I fear this blog will become the Google blog or now the Facebook blog, since they seem to come out with something new every day–I’m sure I’m behind already. But, yes, Facebook is again in the news since my last post about their new Community Pages (dislike).

Bowing to public pressure, Mr. Zuckerberg has redesigned users’ privacy controls to let us all choose what we want to do. I am still making some things public, like my photos and some information on things I like, and you can choose, too. Wait a minute, though. I looked at the new settings and didn’t find anything I needed to change. Why is that? Because from the beginning of my membership in Facebook, I have examined the privacy choices and made selections–what a concept! I’m continually flabbergasted at my friends who just sign up and start talking, or who post their full birth date. They might as well post their credit card numbers, too, as long as they are giving enough information to feed the identity thieves. Don’t forget your mother’s maiden name, while you’re at it.

Please, please, please, whenever you join any online community, look at the settings first, so that you are not surprised later. Let’s not leave common sense at the online door.


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