Tuesday Tech & Teaching Roundup

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Info from higher ed teaching & technology centers, like the AECs, around the country:

From UT Austin’s Center for Teaching and Learning, resources for designing your course–a topic we think about often during those lazy days of summer in anticipation of the fall return: http://ctl.utexas.edu/teaching-resources/design-your-course/

  • I like their initial categories that have you thinking about your purpose for design or re-design: “specific learning,” “motivation,” and “critical thinking” can take you in different design directions. What is your motivation for designing a course?
  • In the critical thinking category, I like the tools offered “to cultivate analysis” and those “to cultivate reflection.”

From Duke’s Center for Instructional Technology, their “Lecturing & Active Learning” strategies remind us that lectures are not buried with the dinosaurs: http://cit.duke.edu/get-ideas/teaching-strategies/active-learning/

  • Not a huge fan of giving a lecture, I love the advice to break it into short sections of 10-15 minutes, built around activities, which could be clicker-driven surveys, visual presentations, from slides to video to actual artifacts.
  • This is a long post with a bibliography at the bottom, so be sure to scroll through.

From James Madison University’s Center for Instructional Technology, a nice gathering of social software tools: http://cit.jmu.edu/resources/social_software_tools/

  • Beware, though, that their  information about WordPress refers to the Open Source WordPress.org, not the WordPress.com that we discuss in our AEC workshop.

From the University of North Carolina’s ITS Teaching & Learning Division, a set of PDFs on best practices in teaching: http://its.unc.edu/TeachingAndLearning/ForFaculty/BestPractices/index.htm

  • These are similar to our Approaches to Teaching & Learning documents, found on this site at the AEC White Papers menu link (above): https://mostlytechnology.wordpress.com/aec-white-papers/
  • I like their topics–let us know if there are some topics you’d like us to write about in the future, specific to Tri-C or to specific technologies.

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