working it out

Maybe you’re teaching a new online class in the fall or teaching an old one online for the first time. If you haven’t already begun thinking about how to do it, I suggest a little technology–very little. Get out that rusty pencil and paper and start making lists or diagrams or outlines or a storyboard or whatever system of organization suits your fancy. Think about what you’ve done well in the past, and then imagine whether it can be done online and what format it will take to work.

  • How much translation will it take to accomplish the same objectives?
  • Can the old classroom tactic really work online?
  • Are you currently using a technology that will fit right in?
  • What new technologies would you like to learn to use?

Lots of questions to be asked and answered, lots of exploring to be done, and here’s a piece of paper to help you begin. Adapt it for your own purposes.



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