are you an edupunk?

'Edupunk: ¿el nuevo gurú?' photo (c) 2008, Néstor  Alonso - license: might be an edupunk, if

you can’t stand any learning management system (e.g. Blackboard), no matter how many bells and whistles it has. Your institution might  have invested in all the add-ons, like blogs and wikis and embedded multimedia options, but you just can’t stand the design of the system, or you can’t stand the idea that everything is contained in one system, or you just feel constrained and stifled. Well, after all, LMSes aren’t called systems for nothing.

You might be an edupunk, if

you like to patch together your own non-system of freely available tools to do whatever makes sense in your course. You are a do-it-yourselfer and want to choose your own wiki and blog, set up your class email on Google, share documents in Google Docs, create a group page on Facebook, use Twitter as a course backchannel. If this does not sound confusing to you, but rather liberating, then you might be an edupunk.

You might be an edupunk, if

you trust students to participate in the construction of course content and take more control of their own learning. You have a different attitude about your role in teaching and are more open to sharing the stage than the stilted image of the bespectacled professor in tweed lecturing from the front of a classroom.

Clearly, technology is driving a new attitude about how to construct learning. How has it changed your attitude about delivering learning–or should I say sharing learning–with your students? Read more about edupunk here or here or here

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