YouTube’s new look and your Channel

YouTube has a new look–a trend of a number of the big sites recently–and since it is owned by Google, not surprising to see the overhaul. The new look of your Channel page is sleeker and more contemporary in style; here’s the link to mine:

What? You didn’t know you had your own Channel? Yep, every YouTube account has its own Channel on which you can display a playlist and a list of Channels you subscribe to, as well as upload your own videos. It is a great way to collect a series of videos related to your field and display them for students. You could keep your Channel strictly for that purpose or mix it up, in which case you would have to direct students to the particular videos you want them to view.

And let’s not make this service just a show-and-tell to students. Have students create their own Channels on a research subject and include video presentations of their findings.

Keeping a channel for your courses is a whole lot easier than embedding each video in each of your Blackboard sites as needed, and with time it can become quite an interesting collection. As with all such collections, you will have to keep an eye on videos that no longer work or have been removed from YouTube, but that should be a minor maintenance issue.

I subscribe to at least one faculty Channel where he posts video lectures for students, so this would be another way to supplement a course. How often do you use YouTube videos in your courses? A little or a lot, it might make sense to think about using your Channel more effectively.

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