what makes a good blog post, anyway?

'Blog Marketing Up Close Word Blog Graphi' photo (c) 2008, Maria Reyes-McDavis - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/Well, because my students are beginning their team blog projects, a few thoughts on what makes a good post:

“10 Secrets for Writing Good Blog Posts”: http://www.typepad.com/tips/writing-blog-posts-tips.html

A collection of links to resources on “How to Write Great Blog Content”: http://www.problogger.net/how-to-write-great-blog-content/

I suggested a few examples of individual posts (mine, of course) and team blogs as models, because if you are learning to write in a new style, and most of my students are, modeling is a good way to start. It’s like those creative writing courses where the professor asks you to write like Hemingway. I also said this:

A blog post should maintain the preferred style of your group. A blog can be serious and formal or it can be more informal in both its writing style and in the kinds of links and videos that are posted in it. These course blogs may be informal in writing style, in that they try to engage the reader in interesting ways, but they should be seriously addressing a topic of work that would be interesting to the general public. You are not trying to teach your readers, but to engage them with your ideas.

My students have the additional task of working as a group, which I like in blogging, where each contributor writes in his or her own voice and readers come to know what to expect from different team members. They do not edit each other or filter ideas through the group, but try to commit to the agreed upon topic and see what happens.

A nice way to generate more writing and research in a course, and nice to write for a real audience.


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