where’s the support?

How often have you thought of designing an innovative project in your course that requires using a new technology, maybe a complicated-looking technology, but were put off by the image of hours and hours spent supporting your students learning how to use it as well? Some technologies, like Second Life, blogs, and wikis, have learning curves of varying degrees, and let’s face it–you were not trained in instructional technology, and frankly, you’re not that much of a do-it-yourselfer. But you did have a great idea.

You might be able to cobble together a support team from a few areas on your campus. There might be a faculty consulting and training resource, such as in centers for teaching and learning or academic technology services, where you can be trained and also supported during the entire project to help you design and implement it.

For your students, you might have to look to your library technologists to offer short courses and/or continuing support for your particular project. Plus, it’s a good way to get students in the library to see that libraries are more than stacks of books and available computers.

Chances are you do have the resources to create a team if such combined support is not readily available in one spot, but you do need to look around a little.


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