the SoundCloud app in education

I’m playing around a little here by embedding a SoundCloud track–not one of my own, because I haven’t made any yet. Most of us think of SoundCloud as an app for distributing music, but it is just as useful for recording spoken topics, as here:

I’m thinking up all the ways you and your students could use such an application, from creating reports and interviews to recording lectures and class updates. In addition to publishing tracks to a blog, you can share them to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, a particularly nice feature if you are already using such spaces for course discussion and content.

I’m thinking of using it for an office series of audiocasts on what’s new where I work; it looks a whole lot easier than cobbling together the string of technologies we used to have to do to create podcasts. Why, I could record on my iPhone while I’m driving to work–ok maybe that’s dangerous–but the ease of using SoundCloud on mobile devices is very inviting. Maybe the next one I post will be my own.

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