my CV in a Prezi

Perhaps it would be useful in your field to put your CV in a Prezi. Here’s an example of mine, using one of Prezi’s many interesting templates.

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3 replies

  1. That is awesome. That is the first one I’ve seen. Nice.


  2. Cool. When I accessed the tree image wasn’t working, replaced with an image not found message (well, really, an international “no” circle/slash). Might want to check?


  3. The tree image is part of the Prezi template, over which I have no control. In fact in conversations with Prezi, I have been told that once you insert any image as background, you cannot access it again, which frustrated me when I wanted to use my own background, so that’s why I went with one of their templates. I’m guessing your issue is browser-based, but not sure.


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