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I am so far from my college math classes that I’m tempted to say I know nothing about math, but I’m interested in what Wolfram is up to in all its computing technologies. I’m sure you know about Wolfram Alpha and have tried out some questions there to see what kind of data it produces, even if your questions were silly. The other day, I saw that someone put in some ingredients to get nutritional information.

I’ve been looking in on the new Wolfram Education Portal, still in beta, and its very interesting CDF (computable document format) documents and player. The course content also included widgets, which you can get on the site or through their widget gallery. Let’s see if I can embed a few of their widgets here, one math and one history:

Cool stuff, and you need to see those CDFs in action, too. The CDF player installs a browser plugin that allows you to view the dynamic content. If math is your field, are you seeing something in this portal that would be useful in your courses or supplemental to your courses? I’m a sucker for visualizations and wish this had been around during my math education. Where else might the CDF be headed besides for math, I’m wondering.

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