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First, I’m writing this post on the WordPress iPad app, so we’ll see how that works. My office was moved to a new spot in what seemed like a flash. I’m now in a high-profile space where people will have an easier opportunity to drop in and will be more likely to think about us as they pass by. How is that going to affect what I’ve been doing? A lot, I hope. I want faculty to be comfortable coming in to talk about ideas, and being more accessible is a good start.

20130113-072016.jpgThe space is smaller, but big enough and maybe more efficient. I wish our technology–since we are an instructional technology space–were more up to date, but we suffer from budget restraints out of our control. I hope we can compensate with web-based software as much as possible. I would like faculty to think of us as a sandbox, but that’s hard when your computers are over a year out of warranty. I also have a brand new supervisor, though, brought in from another institution, and maybe that fresh pair of eyes will help implement new ideas, and maybe the institution will find a few resources to help her make it all new again (we are 4 years old).

We used room design software to plan the new space beforehand, and that was a great help in visualizing how we might best work here. The photo in this post was made in the Sweet Home 3D software that is free for Mac or Windows. It helped tremendously to be able to think about the space and to visualize in advance a new working arrangement, including sharing my office space with my part-time support specialist.

New is good, I hope.

Update on posting from the WordPress app on the iPad: It did work pretty well, but I could not rearrange the photo once inserted, so next time, I’ll make sure my cursor is where I want it. Neither could I find a way to set a featured image, which is necessary in the theme I use for a post image to show on the front page. I was still able to do those things on the iPad, but I had to do it in the browser.

And here are a couple of real pics, made artsy at



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