why Twitter works for me

I was asked recently, on Twitter, which social media platform I prefer, and the answer was easy, not only because I’m taking an extended break from Facebook.

My response was focused on the format of Tweets, and that is something I like about Twitter, but I wasn’t kidding about the low commitment to conversation about a topic, with all due respect to Sherry Turkle’s concern that I am really lonely. I make Twitter work for me more as a news stream, as I think it might have been intended, and as part of–a big part of–my daily Personal Learning Network (PLN).

I early on learned how to seek out people in my field or fields, leading me to follow CIOs, instructional technologists and designers, librarians, faculty development folks, American literature scholars, virtual worlds enthusiasts, some public tech sites, and a few companies. And I learned how to mine who they follow and who follows them. That’s pretty much how you build what works for you, mining the followings of those you respect. You might be surprised how many great ideas you get every day on Twitter. To make it easier, I use TweetDeck for organizing people in lists.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I follow or am followed by any family members, so there are few distractions in my daily read, although I do follow two squirrels, two dogs, and one chicken–don’t ask, it just works. Squirrels can provide a little needed philosophy, as here:


Featured image of bluebird credit: Photo Credit: Kelly Colgan Azar via Compfight cc

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