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Photo Credit: peregrine blue via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: peregrine blue via Compfight cc

I make, without a doubt, some of the worst content possible with web tools and licensed technologies, and I’m a little worried that eventually it will turn me into a hack, so that when I do return to teaching, I will need some rehab so as not to be an embarrassment to my students or colleagues.

I still have examples of some of my good stuff that I use at the beginning of workshops to demo what’s possible with the technology we are about to learn. But when we get to the creating part, especially when I’m doing a one-on-one consultation, I throw out some of the worst combinations of text and image and general ideas–whatever pops into my head–just to quickly put into action the steps I’m illustrating.

I guess it’s that whatever pops into my head part that’s at fault. It’s dark and scary in there, a little Alice in Wonderland meets Brazil.

Luckily (luckily?) it mostly comes out as simply stupid, because I do edit some of my more odd thoughts, so as not to frighten off faculty. Stupid as in my favorite multiple choice question on the fly: What color is the sky? Stupid as in combinations of content that have nothing to do with each other, like narration about reading a poem on an ecology slide, or the text of a colloquium proposal with video and images about the Chinese economy. And don’t even ask about titles–that’s where I have trouble editing out the weirdness.

Odd like that darling “‘Today I Choose to be Happy!’ Juxtaposition Vignette” above. Odd like the mishmash of this Google Site:

Or this meaningless presentation where I read a paragraph from a book just to illustrate uploading an audio file: (if on an iPad, use the Puffin browser to view such Flash content).

Most of my crap, I mean content, can’t be shown here, because I go through fits of deleting, or it resides imprisoned on Blackboard sites, but take my word for it, it’s all pretty bad. Also take my word that I know I need to keep thinking about what makes good learning content, and to make some more of that, because I know my current good examples can’t be relevant forever.


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