What’s in a Name?

Photo Credit: Franck Vervial via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Franck Vervial via Compfight cc

I’m having an opportunity to rethink workshop offerings in the fall (and maybe summer)–in fact I’m rethinking the moniker workshop in some cases, because it doesn’t always fit the content of the session and it’s way overdue for a facelift.

At least one workshop will have no agenda, so I’m calling it an improv, the BYOD Improv. I’m inviting faculty to come with whatever mobile devices they have, just like their students come to class, and we will play around with what can be done with them in a mixed group. Maybe we’ll get into groups. Maybe we’ll take turns presenting information. Who knows? Like I said–no agenda.

What can we do in the summer, usually a slow time when most faculty are traveling or taking a deserved R&R? It might be a good time to try a summer mini-institute. I’m suggesting that it be on digital storytelling and that it be a full day, with lunch, with multiple presenters, with time for storyboarding and recording and editing. I’d go if I wasn’t fishing.

Some of my other workshops are simply headed in new directions, away from the basic beginner how-to. Haven’t I taught enough people how to work in SoftChalk? Let’s work on how to build an effective lesson. Doesn’t everyone know how to make a Prezi by now? Let’s play with adding sound files so they can be self-running. I’m very tired of the how-to in WordPress.com, because we never get around to the good stuff of designing a useful site. Let’s do one that just focuses on making a portfolio, for faculty or students. Is it too much to ask for attendees who are already familiar with the tools? We’ll see.

It’s energizing to have ideas, and even more so when you have been set free to be creative and aren’t micromanaged into tedium. I’m sure you agree.

FYI there’s a new document on the Approaches to Teaching & Learning page, too.


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