Reblogged: Multiple Personality Pedagogy: Varying Voice in the Classroom

As teachers, we sometimes get tired of hearing our own voices. That’s why we show movies, bring in guest speakers, and encourage discussion. Plus, we want to bring in other views in order to provide alternative perspectives. Otherwise, we’re just recreating ourselves in our students. Worse than that, a lack of diverse voices in the classroom can lead to boredom and indifference — so let’s have some fun, and maybe even some inspiration.

That was my theory. So I put it to the test. . . . Read more

Multiple Personality Pedagogy: Varying Voice in the Classroom | Literacies | HYBRID PEDAGOGY.

Not that I could do the costumes and stage presence, but I get the idea and agree that I have varied my teacherly persona to get reactions, not just the devil’s advocate position that we are all familiar with. Playing dumb is one of my favorites.


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