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Do people still say mashup? I never really cared for it, but its meaning is pretty commonly understood.

I guess I could say two-headed or hybrid or bifurcated or forked. Anyway, I’m tinkering with workshop topics and am doing the first one tomorrow that essentially takes a Prezi and an Audacity workshop in order to make a Prezi with Audio workshop.

Photo Credit: gfpeck via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: gfpeck via Compfight cc

Aimed at faculty who have already had the Prezi Basics workshop, I’m going to look at making something a little more advanced–a narrated Prezi with one’s own audio files. So we will go back and forth between looking at the Prezi path and making a few short MP3 files with Audacity to attach to them. The result is a self-running presentation with more applications than the typical silent Prezi.

Now I’m looking at the rest of my workshop repertoire to see what else could go together. I get so tired of doing the introductory versions over and over, that I’m hoping this adds both a little complexity and some renewed interest in familiar topics.

Obviously, I’m back from my short five days off, and I couldn’t find anything to reblog. Hence the original post.


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