you know you want to read my dissertation

I’m going to publish my antique 20th century dissertation on Scribd, as soon as I fiddle with the old files–and I mean old. I mean, they were written on a computer (whew!), but so far I have only been able to find the individual chapter files and not a single file of what I presented for the degree. Hmm. Where is that file? Was it on an old, long-gone floppy? Is it in this chunky Brick hard drive? Or is the UMI copy the last remaining version of the whole thing?

So, I might have to do some minor work to get it into one document–and to get all the endnotes to work right in a single document. I am not going to change the old Courier font, though, or the old-fashioned typing with two spaces after each period. All that will lend a nice historical character to it. Maybe you don’t want the original anyway–you know two of my chapter titles are incorrect in the TOC but no one caught it. I wisely chose a dissertation committee made up of people who didn’t want to speak to each other. Prevented them from ganging up on me.

I’ve been inspired by this summer’s Profhacker article: “Publishing Your Dissertation Online: What’s a New Ph.D. to Do?” I’m hardly a new PhD–I’m quite stale as I’ve discovered lately, so you will be impressed not only with my writing but with the fact that I am still in possession of all my faculties. Maybe someone will be interested in the old diss; I was initially. You will be the first to know when it’s out there.

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