I hate complaining, but I must

I’ve asked and complained on WordPress.com forums before about this issue. Once I got help that worked, but not since, and I don’t blame it on the organization. Sometimes you just get the right person who can help, and sometimes you don’t. Overall, WP support is terrifically helpful. Or maybe I have just not explained it correctly, so here it goes again to the world at large.

Some blog themes just don’t display correctly on the iPad, whether you enable the mobile theme or not. I currently have three (3) that display just fine and six (6) that don’t. Here are the major elements that do not display correctly:

  1. the WP bar at the top of the window is non-functional and shows no stats–menu of my sites does not work
  2. the whole page, text and images and WP bar, looks magnified, like I’m zoomed in

Here are screen shots of one site with the problem and two sites that work correctly. I might add that I received help on the Letters Project site because I had purchased a premium theme and the developer corrected it. Initially, it had displayed like all the ones that don’t work correctly. I’ll give you the links below to some of the sites for you to check on your own iPads.

Sites that always work correctly on an iPad (Safari browser):

The Letters Project (premium Elemin theme, premium upgrade)

140+ (old test site for workshops; free Garland theme, no upgrades)

Sites/themes that just don’t work right on an iPad. It doesn’t seem to matter if there are upgrades or not. You really need to see these on a computer, I suppose, and then compare the iPad view, to see the difference:

Grinn Pidgeon in Virtual Worlds (free Yoko theme, no upgrades)

Mostly Technology & Teaching (premium InfoWay theme with custom design upgrade)

Academic Excellence Centers (free Yoko theme, premium upgrade)

My portfolio (premium Magnate Express theme)

Convocation 2013 (free Stay theme, premium upgrade)

It’s just all very frustrating, because I want my audience to have as good an experience on the iPad as they do on a computer. The mobile view on the iPhone seems to work okay, so it is all confusing, as well as frustrating. I don’t want to bother the poor WP people anymore, because I get the sense that they either can’t see it or don’t see it as a problem.

I could live with the WP bar not working, since not all viewers would be logged into such accounts, if only the rest of the page didn’t look so magnified and un-browserlike. What do I think? That the mobile view really only means phone.


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  1. This seems like a big project for me
    But I want to help. Do you have a time table or have you fixed it yet?


    • Ha!. If only it were something I could do, but I think it’s a WordPress issue. I think their work in creating the mobile view is primarily for the phone views. Most of their new themes are responsive, meaning that they adapt to screen size. I just can’t find anyone who cares about how some of them appear, except that one time when a premium theme designer helped out. I’m taking some coding lessons at Codecademy.com but don’t expect it will help me figure out how to fix it on the back end. You never know. thx for the offer to help, though.


  2. I want to help and maybe could but it seems like a big deal. What kind of time table do you have? Can you contact me via email or something?


    • I couldn’t open the doc but if I get to the point that I want to fool around with the code in those sites, I’ll let you know. Pretty much depending on the themes right now.


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