sympathy for a writer

I’m not a fiction writer, but I have some sympathy for writers who try to walk that line between being themselves and not becoming a caricature of themselves. The latter is what this review seems to suggest about Thomas Pynchon’s latest: “A Calamity Tailor-Made for Internet Conspiracy Theories.” You’re damned if your characters have something in common with previous characters and damned if they don’t give the audience what it expects from you. Maybe this work is not great, but I would like to hear a review that draws on something deeper than the surface, if there is one. I guess I will have to read Bleeding Edge myself to find out. Once upon a time I published an article about a Pynchon novel, but I’m not in that business, anymore.

The review references this weird book trailer as evidence of weirdness: “A ‘Peculiar’ Peek at Thomas Pynchon’s Latest.” It’s weird.


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