crazy theme day

Photo Credit: Express Monorail via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Express Monorail via Compfight cc

It can be like a theme park on my blogs. Buy a theme; return a theme; buy another theme. Look for one option that you think you must have; give that up for something different. Lead people on to one post, then it’s gone. But it all works out. I thought I was or could be happy with the theme that was here earlier today, but it became evident that it was not going to happen. Funny, but I had been sure for weeks that this current theme, Opti, was the one I wanted, so I guess I should have stuck with that idea. It doesn’t have post formats, which I foolishly thought were in all themes (duh), but it has a lot of other good qualities and it looks great on both mobile devices and computers.

Uh, do I need to use featured images for them to display on the front page? We’ll find out shortly.

I like visual design and don’t have the skills to create my own; luckily is out there providing great design (as long as I can make up my mind).


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