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The dark side of technology in education nicely expressed here. One of my late uncles worked in time management for an office furniture manufacturer long before such technology was available, but he would have been tickled to be able to tag and monitor workers, as explained in this post.

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More or Less Bunk

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I used to be a Walmart blogger. That blog is still updated occasionally by my friend Jeff in Cleveland, but a few years back I came to the decision that I could do more to help my own profession through blogging than I could the Walmart workers of the world (although they all still have my general support). Yet that experience was hardly a total bust. For one thing, it explains why I’m a vegetarian. It also explains why I once talked on the phone with the British journalist Simon Head.

I don’t remember exactly why he contacted me. I think I had written something about Walmart that implied that I knew more than I really did. What he ended up doing is schooling me on the evils of Walmart’s computerized scheduling system. The long and short of it is that Walmart schedules…

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  1. Here’s an interesting little history of the company, General Fireproofing, at which my uncle worked, beginning in upholstery and later in time management:


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