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Following my Audacity workshop, I offer one of those and-here’s-another-place-you-can-put-your-audio-files workshops: Prezi with Audio. Especially as an alternative to those Flash Adobe Presenter presentations that you can’t make on a Mac—probably because of some weird Microsoft deal where we can have PowerPoint, just not all the features—a narrated Prezi (also in Flash) is a self-running presentation that you can embed in your LMS or blog or link to. Here’s one, but you don’t have to listen to the whole thing:

If you became so engaged that you got as far as the videos, you found one drawback to adding audio to your path—it doesn’t stop while your videos play, but goes on to the next path point and audio file. Still a pretty good use of audio files. If it wouldn’t play for you here, visit the original: http://prezi.com/w1rphmroxbzp/instructional-rubrics/

If I haven’t said it here before, I have said it elsewhere, “When is Flash going to be good and dead?” Yes, there is a Prezi app that lets you view their presentations, just as there is a Presenter app, but those are clunky options for viewing course content on your mobile device.

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