lectures on the ropes

More one-two punches to the breadbasket for the poor old college lecture. Most recently, Jeff Young at the Chronicle has collected (and is still collecting) opinions from both faculty and students about whether the lecture is worthwhile. Among the typical… Read More ›

what gets your attention? (part 2)

*See Part 1 of this discussion dated 12/22. So, assuming you see evidence of hyper attention in your students–and maybe even in yourself–how do you address that in your teaching, your creation of assignments, your expectations and setting of course… Read More ›

do you map your ideas?

Overheard recommendations about mind-mapping software on a mailing list today, and it made me wonder how you might use such software in your teaching or planning. In my last post, I suggested pencil and paper technology, and you could still… Read More ›

Howard Rheingold’s Vlog

more about "Howard Rheingold’s Vlog", posted with vodpod I think you will find this discussion of 21st Century Literacies very interesting–they might not be what you think they are. Note the section on attention and think about how you feel… Read More ›