why Twitter works for me

I was asked recently, on Twitter, which social media platform I prefer, and the answer was easy, not only because I’m taking an extended break from Facebook. @BryanAlexander I like Twitter for the lower commitment to conversation and as more… Read More ›

one thing leads to another

I was supposed to be presenting, or rather co-presenting a non-workshop to a large group of adjunct faculty who had never used our LMS before. We were just supposed to focus on using it with a face-to-face course, how most… Read More ›

it’s alive!

I have resurrected a student writing project from the winter term of 2003-04 that used to be published on my dot Mac and then Mobile Me account, but Apple discontinued such publishing for members last summer and I have been… Read More ›

do this or do that

One thing I liked about the CourseSites MOOC “Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success,” generally referred to as the Bonk Open Course, after the instructor Dr. Curtis Bonk, was the way coursework was given in terms of options…. Read More ›

I like Blackboard

Enough about introverts, already. I’m coming out and saying it: I like Blackboard, the much maligned learning management system that is the big dog in the market. I can’t claim to understand its business practices, but I think it works… Read More ›

where’s the support?

How often have you thought of designing an innovative project in your course that requires using a new technology, maybe a complicated-looking technology, but were put off by the image of hours and hours spent supporting your students learning how… Read More ›