course design


I think I’m just going to let higher ed be higher ed—whatever that is these days and for however long it lasts. It’s not that I couldn’t continue to write about it, as many outsiders still do, but I am… Read More ›

Lurking in MOOCs

That’s what I’m currently doing, lurking and being a bad student. Skipping class for weeks and then maybe showing up to have a look around. Not doing the assigned work, although this is so expected that the instructor tells the… Read More ›

it’s alive!

I have resurrected a student writing project from the winter term of 2003-04 that used to be published on my dot Mac and then Mobile Me account, but Apple discontinued such publishing for members last summer and I have been… Read More ›

where’s the support?

How often have you thought of designing an innovative project in your course that requires using a new technology, maybe a complicated-looking technology, but were put off by the image of hours and hours spent supporting your students learning how… Read More ›

the hard work of flipped classrooms

There is a lot of interest in the so-called flipped classroom, or as this recent Chronicle article calls it, the inverted classroom: “Resistance to the Inverted Classroom Can Show Up Anywhere.” Whatever you call it, though, the metaphor of turning… Read More ›